Five Things You May Not Know About Warren Village

warren-Village-logo.jpg1.  Located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver, Colorado, Warren Village  exists so that low income single parent families achieve sustainable personal and economic self-sufficiency.  It is a unique family community helping motivated low-income, previously homeless single-parent families move from public assistance to personal and economic self-sufficiency.

2.  Nearly 40 percent of homeless individuals in metro Denver are single parents and their children.  At Warren Village, their goal is to help provide parents the tools and resources they need to enable them to better support their families in the future.  For their families, homelessness often means moving frequently, sleeping on friends’ sofas, staying in shelters and even sleeping in their cars.  

3.  Warren Village residents are required to complete a program that includes working or attending school full-time; attending life skills classes, and completing volunteer hours each month.  Warren Village single parents are dedicated to improving their lives and securing a better future for their children. 


4.  Warren Village has served more than 4,000 families since it opened in 1974 and has been recognized as a national model for its combination of housing with on-site family services, Early Childhood Education and school-age programs.

5.  The Warren Village Learning Center is a 4-Star Qualistar rated program serving children six weeks through 10 years of age.  Warren Village provides early childhood education that supports children in overcoming any developmental delays and ensures they receive important skills to prepare them for school.​