Setting Parameters on Workplace Cell Phone Use


Employees’ use of cell phones at work creates issues to be addressed in policies and training. Employers also need commitment from their supervisors to support the policy and enforce it consistently. For various reasons including safety concerns and security, some businesses ban cell phone use at work. Others limit employee use to lunch time and breaks. And, still others let employees carry and use cell phones at their discretion.

Issues to consider include:

·         How distracting will cell phone use be to other employees and customers?
·         What about protecting business information?
·         Will your supervisors use this method of communicating with their employees? Don’t assume all employees have cell phones or unlimited minutes.
·         Will cell phones be provided by your company and can they be used for personal use?
Perhaps the best practice is to stress cell phone etiquette to employees by:
·         Setting limits to where and when to have conversations,
·         setting ground rules for cell phones at meetings,
·         requiring employees in open office areas to use the vibrate setting,
·         reminding employees that they must comply with laws restricting cell phone use and texting, and 
·         limiting personal conversations and encouraging employees to hold such conversations in private without disrupting others.