Spring Cleaning

James McDonough, Membership Development

Today is the first day of spring, have you thought about doing some HR Spring Cleaning? Here are 10 tips to help lighten your workplace, and your mind, as the days get warmer:


​1.  Consult your MSEC Federal Records Retention Guide! Before you start shredding and tossing at will, find out what you can throw away, and when! Set up “ticklers” in your calendar, or create a task list for periodic purging.


2.  Hire a trusted shredding service to quickly and thoroughly destroy unnecessary documents. This will eliminate inefficient use of staff time and avoids identity theft or violations of privacy.


3.  Alert managers and other staff who may have documents that should be sent to HR for handling, storage, destruction, etc. Offer to meet with them to review and discuss, or consider spot checks to avoid problematic practices.


4.  Visit off-site storage to evaluate and confirm all is well. While you’re at it, arrange for transfer delivery of documents that piled up over the winter!


5.  Update your map, inventory list, or other records of document storage. Include in your HR Operations Manual.


6.  How’s your employee handbook? If it has not been reviewed in a year or two, contact your MSEC Member Representative for a review, this is included in your membership


7.  Update any guidance letters, memos, or charts you provide staff about document storage and handling. Get them in the Spring Cleaning mood!


8.  Move forward with plans you’ve been making for document storage/ handling. Get this done before summertime temptations kick in.


9.  Clear out old emails clogging your inbox. Create folders and organize your inbox daily.


10. Questions about proper document handling and storage? Consult your MSEC Member Representative for more information.