What HR Wants Every Manager to Know

bizpeep-Qmarks.jpgTammeron Trujillo, Human Resource Services

In today’s workplace, managers need to understand certain human resources management basics to be proficient. Managers also need to have a strong ethical foundation to create an environment where the management basics can thrive.

Here are just some of the HR items that should be a part of every manager’s toolkit:

Understanding the Supervisory Role – how supervisors behave to create a positive work environment

Hiring – proper interviewing techniques and other strategies to make the best selection

Onboarding – obtaining commitment and contribution from new employees

Performance Management – maximizing performance through the use of appropriate feedback

Compensation – understanding and communicating a total rewards philosophy

Benefits – informing and communicating the employee value proposition

Compliance – knowing the legal aspects that impact the supervisory relationship

Compliance, and really, all of the above, relies on a strong organizational ethics. What do your managers need to know about ethics? First, what are the ethics of your organization and how do you work to communicate those ethics to employees and stakeholders. Once this is clear, how do managers resolve ethical dilemmas, and how do they help employees resolve those dilemmas? It is important for managers to know the organization’s ethical strengths and vulnerabilities. Finally, they should know what decision making model to use to advise employees and to make ethical decision themselves.

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