Twenty-Fourth Annual Employment Law Update Conference

Tim Settle, Employment Law Services


Staying in front of employment and labor law changes seems to be a never-ending task. Each year brings new developments and challenges for employers.


MSEC is developing our annual Employment Law Update Conference to help you understand those developments and meet those challenges. We provide you with one program that zeroes in on the most significant developments of the year and gives the critical information you need in an entertaining yet practical package.


Some of this year’s topics have been developing quickly, but have now gained critical mass. For example, the line between personal life and work life has been converging for some time. The explosion of smart phones, tablets, and other tech devices, used simultaneously for both work and personal activities, has brought the “Bring Your Own Device to Work” dilemma front and center. Our session “BYOD: Smart Phones and Tablets Go to Work” will provide you with the latest information necessary to manage the multitude of legal issues surrounding BYOD.


Similarly, while employers have long-struggled to address problems associated with violence in the workplace, recent tragic events have shed new light on the issue. As those events have shown, many violent incidents are related to mental illness. Employers worry if their workplaces are safe from violence, but also want to know how to identify and prevent behavior and conduct problems associated with mental health issues in the workplace. We have developed a session that combines the knowledge of a nationally recognized psychologist with one of our expert employment attorneys in “The Legal Aspects of Mental Health in the Workplace: From Aberrant Behavior to Workplace Violence.”


Another issue gaining national attention is the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. Many are wondering how Amendment 64 will impact not only the state, but workplaces as well. The work of enacting regulations to implement the amendment is currently in progress, but employers can gain insight into the ramifications of legal marijuana in “Dude, Where’s My Job? Enforcing Drug Poilcies in the Age of “Legal” Marijuana” in the Colorado Employment Law Update sessions.


Employers have struggled to understand their obligations under the American’s With Disabilities Act for several years. We have been advising our members for some time now that the new battleground will be the accommodation process. Under the ADAAA, it seems almost any medical condition can qualify as a disability. And, employers are being urged by civil rights agencies to move directly to an offer of accommodation, bypassing an assessment of whether the worker has a qualifying disability. In “How Much is Enough: Leaves of Absence and Other Accommodations Under the ADA,” our legal expert will demystify the often confusing and frequently changing standards for accommodating disabled workers.


In just the last few weeks, thousands of pages of new health care reform regulations have come out. With more regulations on the way, employers must keep up-to-date on how the law will impact their organizations, workers, and health plans. Our session “Health Care Reform and the Road to Compliance” will help to answer those questions. We will also update you on the ongoing challenges of the 2009 revisions to the Family and Medical Leave Act as well as our always-informative “Case, Legislative, and Regulatory Review.”


Please join your colleagues and MSEC for the region’s most popular, entertaining, and informative employment law conference.