Health Care Reform Learning Zone – Have You Tried It?

Tammeron Trujillo, Human Resource Services



Health care reform has us all running in many different directions.  The law is complicated, and is being implemented through three main federal agencies: the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


It also applies to employers in different ways.  Are you self-insured, or do you have a carrier?  It makes a difference.  How many employees do you have in your organization: 10, 55, 250?  This makes a difference too.   What type of an organization are you?   If you are a governmental organization, you are treated differently from a private sector organization.


What is an employer to do?  Well, if you are a member of MSEC (and most likely you are if you receive this magazine), you can come to the Health Care Reform Learning Zone on the MSEC website,  Log in on the member home page you will see the link for this new service.


I am really excited about what the Learning Zone has to offer.  There are four ways to search for what you need to know.  You can search on a topic of interest, click on a timeline of when provisions go into effect, choose a specific provision title, or enter your unique demographics.  When you start your search by entering your demographics, you find the information that applies to your organization.  You can then review the provisions that you find relevant, either by subject matter or by when they go into effect.


Once you have found the provisions you are interested in, you will receive a broad overview of the provision, the provision’s specific requirements, and most importantly, action steps to take to implement these requirements at your organization.  For those who want more in-depth information, we have also included references to related provisions, terms that are important to understand, and links to other resources.


If you haven’t gone online, you really should.  I know you may have heard the tough provisions go into effect in 2014, and that is true, but you need to begin planning now.  The Health Care Learning Zone can take the fear and stress out of that planning by providing you with useful information in a digestible format that can be put to immediate use in your organization.  Click here to get started today!   Remember, if you need help, we can walk you through it.  We are only a phone call away.


Happy Learning!