President Announces Nominations to Fill Five-Seat NLRB

On April 9, the White House announced that President Obama will nominate Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce (D) to another term as chairman of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The president will also nominate Harry I. Johnson (R) and Phillip A. Miscimarra (R) to serve as board members. Johnson and Miscimarra are practicing labor and employment law attorneys who represent management. These nominations will fill the five-seat board.  It is now up to the Senate to confirm these nominations.

Previous nominees for NLRB board member positions, Sharon Block (D) and Richard F. Griffin (D), still await Senate confirmation. The president first nominated them in December of 2011, and recently re-nominated them in February 2013. The president made recess appointments of Block and Griffin in January 2012, sparking controversy and ultimately a constitutional challenge.

In making his most recent nominations, the president said, “I urge the Senate to confirm them swiftly so that this bipartisan board can continue its important work on behalf of the American people.”