Survey Shows Declining Employee Satisfaction

The 2012 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey on employee satisfaction and engagement found that 81 percent of U.S. employees are satisfied with their current job. That percentage is high and looks good for employers, but, in fact, this percentage has continuously decreased since 2009. 

Employers can improve job satisfaction for employees by addressing two very important factors: Opportunities to use skills and abilities and job security. The SHRM survey found that since 2002, these two factors ranked among the top five. A number of employees are hired with skills and abilities that exceed their position. With the proper training, these employees can be promoted to more challenging positions that allow them to use more of their knowledge base.

If an employee is aware of his or her career path in the organization, he or she is also more likely to feel secure.  It is essential that employers communicate this to their employees so they understand their future with the organization.