Q & A – I have been tasked with researching a new HRIS for my company. Where do I begin?

Q: I have been tasked with researching a new HRIS for my company. Where do I begin?

A: The task of researching and selecting a HRIS can be monumental.  To know what system to choose it is very important to determine the specific organizational needs.  It is also important to develop an overall Human Resources Information Technology philosophy before you begin.

To formulate a strategy for researching and ultimately choosing the system that works best for your organization, consider some or all of these questions:
•    Have you conducted a thorough needs analysis?
•    Why do you need a new system?
•    What is your objective?  To acquire a totally new system?  Upgrade an old one?
•    What system functionality do you need?  Do you need special reports, if so, what kind and how often do you need them?
•    Do you have buy in from upper management?
•    What is your budget?
•    Who will be the end users?
•    What kind of training will these end users need to be able to use the new system?
•    If you currently have a payroll system, will the new HRIS system to interface with it?
•    Do you want a web-based solution or an in-house solution?
•    What is your implementation timeframe?
•    How long do you want to run "parallel" with the old system?
•    Will it need to interface with other systems (e.g., accounting)?

These are a few of the questions and issues you need to consider when you begin the process of searching for an HRIS system.  Please see MSEC FYI Websites for Human Resource Professionals for links and websites that provide additional information.