Five Things You May Not Know About Total Transit

1.  While not every company in metro-Phoenix companies has heard of Total Transit, everyone in the area is sure to know the distinctive green vehicles of Discount Cab.  Discount Cab was started by Craig Hughes in 1984 and remains a rapidly growing Arizona company that has expanded to three lines of business: private transportation, public transportation, and transportation management.

2. Total Transit/Discount Cab is more than green in color, they operate the largest fleet of hybrid cabs in North America, leading the way for the taxi industry in creating less pollution and saving significant energy.  Each of the 670+ hybrid cabs saves an estimated 4,000 gallons of fuel per year.  In 2010, Total Transit also installed a 400-panel rooftop solar energy system at their headquarters that is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 377 tons per year.

3.  Although there are numerous cities with larger taxi fleets than Phoenix, the Total Transit dispatch center is perhaps the busiest in the country averaging almost 13,000 dispatched trips a day.

4.  Craig and Christine Hughes formalized their philanthropic efforts in 2009 when the created the Total Transit Foundation (a 501(C)(3)).  The Foundation actively supports Homeward Bound, Habitat for Humanity, Save the Family, and Earth Day; there is a matching gift program for all employees; and they make a contribution to the charity of choice of each Employee of the Month.

5. Total Transit is very proud to be recognized for individual and companywide awards.  Craig Hughes has been honored as the University of Arkansas Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012 and one of 25 Most Admired CEO’s & Top Level Executives by the Phoenix Business Journal; their environmental efforts have been recognized as one of the “Green Pioneers” in 2010 and with a “Blue Sky Award” in 2011; and the organization was recognized with the Spirit of Enterprise “Innovation in Entrepreneurship Award,” by the ASU W.P. Carey School of Business in 2012, and in 2009 was the “Taxicab Large Fleet Operator of the Year” award from the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLP).