EEO-1 and VETS-100 Reports Due September 30

The EEO-1 survey for 2013 is now open and accepting submissions. If you haven’t started planning on filing, it is time to get this report on your to-do list. MSEC strongly recommends filing this report as soon as possible to avoid unforeseen complications. 

You must file the EEO-1 report if you have 100 or more employees or if you have 50 or more employees and $50,000 in federal government contracts. If you have filed an EEO-1 report in the past you should receive a reminder postcard that includes your login information. The Help Desk indicates that reminder cards have not yet been mailed. Regardless, employer login information is the same from year-to-year. Alternatively, you can obtain your login information from the Joint Reporting Committee at  

Employers that started or modified a federal contract after December 1, 2003, valued at $100,000 or more are also required to file a VETS-100A report. The VETS-100 system is once again down for maintenance. The VETS-100 system is expected to be online before August 1, 2013. The filing cycle for the VETS-100 starts on August 1. Filings will not be accepted prior to that date. Instructions on how to request copies of earlier VETS-100 reports are available on the website.

The reporting deadline for both the EEO-1 and VETS-100 reports is September 30, 2013. Keep an eye on the websites listed below for developments. Act sooner rather than later in collecting your data to avoid the typical slowdown from the Joint Reporting Committee and the Veteran Employment & Training Service as the volume of help desk calls and e-mails increases approaching the reporting deadline.  

Access additional information and file your EEO-1 report by clicking here. Access additional information and file your VETS-100 reports by clicking here.