Five Things You May Not Know About the Sedona Fire District

sfsHome.png1.  Located in Sedona, Arizona the Sedona Fire District (SFD) provides service to a 168-square-mile area and has been protecting its citizens from fires since the 1940s.

2.  SFD’s four fire stations​ provide fire protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Firefighters train daily so they can perform all the duties required of them at a moment’s notice.

3.  Sedona firefighters do more than fight fires, last month they rescued an injured hiker from Wilson Mountain. It took the crew more than two hours to reach the hiker in rugged terrain, utilizing technical rope systems and a helicopter. Throughout 2013 they have responded to more than 22hiker-related rescues.

4.  SFD provides many services to the public, including emergency medical response, fire suppression, public education, and code enforcement. With that commitment, firefighters have to maintain proficiency in a range of skills. They prepare and practice the various disciplines with a minimum of two hours of training per day. Some areas of training include fire suppression techniques, ventilation, interior-fire attack, search and rescue, wild-land firefighting, and rope rescue. They also attend annual, large-scale training events.

5.  SFD has a reputation for providing excellent emergency medical service (EMS) care. They operate their own ambulances and locate them strategically throughout the Sedona area. Their ambulance equipment levels and certification training for paramedics exceed requirements of the Arizona Department of Health Services.