Is May the New December?

S. Lorrie Ray, Membership DevelopmentLRay-0612XSML.jpg


Recent social commentators have suggested that the month of May is becoming just as busy as December. Not only does May include the memorial holiday, but it is the time of year for graduations, and the start of the wedding season.

Are you finding that you and your employees have been a bit stretched during this last month? You are not alone. Traditionally, May is also the busiest month of the year for recruiting. MSEC’s Pre-employment Screening Service​ always has a busy May, and this year April was busy as well. In fact, it was the busiest April ever. It seems that employers are now beginning to hire in earnest.  In Colorado alone, 11,600 jobs were added in April, and the unemployment rate dropped to 6.9 percent, as reported by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. All these new employees mean more orientation and training.


What’s an HR professional to do? Here are three ideas:


1.  De-stress – don’t forget to create for down time for yourself. Stress can cause health problems, not to mention friction and tension. Plan to spend time each day doing something that pleases you and is only for you. Another way to control stress is to eat well and exercise.  This is a great time of year to enjoy fruits and vegetables. It’s also lovely outside, so take a walk and look at the green trees and beautiful flowers.


2.  Take time to plan – having a plan for orienting, training, and integrating new employees into your workplace can greatly increase the chance for success. Don’t forget that employees who feel they are adding value to your organization are more likely to stay, and that friendships at work create longevity.


3.  Get help – if you are a member of MSEC, we have a wealth of information so that you can handle these tasks successfully without reinventing the wheel. We also have a for-fee HR  Professional Staffing Services that can help you recruit all the new employees you want to bring on board, or set up an orientation plan for you that will help them get started on the right foot.