Five Things You May Not Know About Taco John’s

942351_10151655836642125_94776719_a.jpg1.  ​When the Taco House opened in 1968 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, it was an instant hit among locals. In 1969, the restaurant was bought by two local businessmen, Harold Holmes and James Woodson who franchised the restaurant and changed the name to Taco John’s.  Today, Taco John’s is one of the largest Mexican restaurant brands in America, with more than 415 stores in 25 states.

2.  The privately-owned company employs over 100 people, and approximately 97.5 percent of its locations are independently-owned franchises. The remaining restaurants are company-owned.

3.  Taco Tuesday® first started in January 1982 and continues to be one of the two most identifying attributes associated with Taco John’s.  For the second most identifying attribute, see #5 below.

4.  Taco John’s takes pride in giving back locally, keeping a neighborhood focus and treating their guests more like family than customers. Whether it’s the big game, a first date or a family dinner, Taco John’s has been there through it all. They just call it a little bit of nostalgia in a crunchy shell.

5.  Potato Olés®, crispy, round golden potato nuggets lightly seasoned with secret seasonings, were first served in 1979. Potato Olés® are Taco John’s signature menu item.