Five Things You May Not Know About The Plains Conservation Center

PCC.png1. Started in 1957, The Plains Conservation Center conserves more than 10,000 acres of rare short-grass prairie between two locations. The main 1,100 acre site sits in Aurora, where most of the center’s environmental education programs take place. The 9,000 acre acre sits on the Arapahoe/Elbert County line near West Bijou Creek and, boasts a herd of bison and the finest above ground example of the K/T Boundary in the world. (the distinct layer of rock in the fossil record that tells the story of the extinction of the dinosaurs on earth). 

2. Their annual benefit, Hops for Habitat Brewfest​ is on July 19. The festival is all about fun on the prairie with over 15 Colorado breweries, food trucks, live music, s’mores, and wagon rides onto to the prairie at sunset to spot wildlife and to raise money for a good cause! 

3. They engage over 10,000 school children a year, educating about them about the cultural and natural wonders of the short-grass prairie. Annually the center see over 20,000 visitor’s for programs, activities, and special events. 

4. They have a Prairie Preschool, focusing on innovative outdoor educational opportunities for little ones under age 5. Sound environmental ethics and appreciation for nature start in early life and, the Plains Conservation Center is on the leading edge of helping to shape young minds and hearts to take care of our planet’s natural resources.   

5. The Plains Conservation Center has an active volunteercore that is always looking for new recruits to help with projects big and small. Anything from chores, to helping in the heirloom garden, to building fence and teaching programs, it’s all valuable. It’s the dedicated core of volunteers who help make the Plains Conservation Center able to provide the quality of service and the variety of programs that it does.