I Love Reading Your Mind

Reading your Mind.jpgLinda Kinter, Pre-Employent Screening Services


​The other day I opened an email from a member using MSEC’s pre-employment screening services, and this is what it said, “Thank you. That’s awesome service. It’s like you read my mind. Thank you again.” 

I do have to tell you, I really don’t read minds. So, why is this member thinking that I did? Because, as of April 1, MSEC’s Pre-Employment Screening Department launched the most advanced and very user friendly online, highly secure screening process. In an ongoing effort to meet our members screening needs and expectations, we are using a new product with powerful software. This allows you to take your background screening process to the highest level.


Our Pre-Employment Screening Department takes our job seriously, and we know how important the security and integrity of sensitive applicant and employee data is to our members. We also insist on delivering the most accurate and reliable information to you. We looked very carefully for a system that could maintain our high quality and could do this in an on-line environment to make it more convenient.


The new on-line system we have chosen has a number of key advantages. Reports are retained on-line for seven years and easily accessable. This includes uploaded employment application and release forms. All of this data is secured on a stand-alone system for the greatest integrity.


Members now have multiple options for submitting a screening order. MSEC can submit your screening order request in the system and upload the applicant’s release forms and employment application, or you can do all of this. We can also set up the system so the employer may enter the applicant’s name and email address, and then the applicant can fill out required information for the screening order, electronically signing required release forms.


Members using the service are notified by email when a report is completed. A link is provided in email and when clicked on, a user identification and password is prompted which then pulls up the report. The completed report is still very easy to understand, which is something members using the service have always appreciated. Turn-around times, depending upon the screen, are from one to three days on average.


To give an example, when we were piloting the system, we had an order for 50 motor vehicle records. Oridinarily this would take several days. Instead the turn-around time for the completed reports was less than half a day. Of course, we still must rely on courts for information and sometimes out-of-state courts take longer. Also, we still must wait for return calls for employment, education, and reference verifications. Still, we have saved so much time processing the orders, that members are really seeing the difference.


Do you want me to read your mind? Please call me at 800.884.1328 or pes@msec.org to receive your User ID and Password information for accessing MSEC’s Pre-Employment Screening services.