Checked Out At Work


There has been a lot in the news lately about the number of employees who are “checked out” while at work, meaning employees that are present, but not productive. The current Gallup survey indicates that 70 percent of employees either hate going to work or are checked out while at work. The study also indicates that 57 percent of employees feel ignored while at work and that 41 percent could not tell you what their company stands for.
There is no quick fix to the issue of employee engagement. With organizations already doing more with less, it is hard to find anyone with time to address the issue. Unfortunately, if left unattended, this issue will continue its negative spiral and end up costing your organization in more ways than one. What can be done? 
Here are a few simple steps that can improve engagement in your organization.
1.     Take an employee opinion survey
This does not have to be a big undertaking, just a few questions to understand what issues employees are facing. You may be surprised at how easy fixing some of these issues could be.
2.     Get help
Work overload is a common complaint of employees. If possible, get assistance for employees. This can be as simple as another department providing assistance or engaging workers from a temporary agency or consulting firm.
3.     Allow for continued growth and learning
Create a culture that promotes professional growth.  Allow employees to attend courses or go to conferences.  This may allow employees to feel the organization values them and increase productivity.
There is no one answer that will help all organizations with engagement. The most important thing is to do something. If you are not sure where to start, MSEC can help.