Wyoming Employers: Respond on Time to Unemployment Claims

Beginning July 1, 2013, Wyoming employers will have a new incentive to respond in a timely fashion to unemployment claims. Senate Bill 73 amends the Wyoming Employment Security Act to penalize employers who have a “pattern” of inadequate response to requests for information on unemployment claims. Currently, employers’ accounts are not charged for benefits paid out to claimants when a deputy awards benefits, unless a hearing officer, the Unemployment Insurance Commission, or a court reverses the award. 

Under the new law, if a deputy erroneously awards benefits to a claimant because the employer was at fault for failing to respond adequately or on time to a written request for information, and the employer has established a pattern of failing to respond adequately or on time to such requests, the benefits paid out to a claimant before a reversal of the award will be charged to the employer’s account. The employer’s responses must be received within 15 days after the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services’ request.

MSEC recommends that members respond on time to requests for information on unemployment insurance claims, and that members fully respond to such requests. It is also a good practice to keep copies of what is sent, and a notation as to when the information was sent.  Employers may request that the Department acknowledge receipt of the information within 15 days.  If you use a third party to respond to claims, make them aware of these new requirements, and be sure to provide information with that agent quickly so that they submit a timely response for you.