Managing Liability for Summer Recreational and Social Events

BBQ utensils.jpgWith summer upon us, your organization might be planning a picnic or other event to mark the season. If so, make sure that you are appropriately managing your potential liability.  

Employers can be liable for employee injuries at such events if they are in the course and scope of employment. While employees cannot waive liability for work-related injuries, employers can take steps to protect themselves from workers’ compensation claims stemming from such events. These steps include making participation at the event voluntary; holding the event during non-work hours and not paying employees for attending; refraining from any work during the event, including client contact; holding the event off-site; and, in some cases, asking employees to sign an acknowledgement that their participation is voluntary.  

For more information on this topic, including a sample acknowledgement, see our FYI  Workers’ Compensation: Managing Liability for Recreational, Athletic, and Social Activities at