Five Things You May Not Know About BridgeLanguages™

logo-blanguages.png1.  Not all languages are created equal. The Spanish language and accent in Argentina is different from neighboring country, Chile. French in Canada is different from France. And there are over 250 languages spoken in China. BridgeLanguages provides localized translation and interpretation services by native speakers to account for these differences.

2.  BridgeLanguages has translators and interpreters that are qualified experts in almost any industry. BridgeLanguages works with many clients in Colorado including Whole Foods, Gates Corporation, Holland & Hart, and Newmont.

3.  BridgeLanguages provided the interpretation services for the 2013 Biennial of the Americas, an international festival of ideas, art, and culture focused on the region from Canada to Chile, that was held in Denver. The BridgeLanguages interpreters made sure all Portuguese and Spanish speakers had access to the same discussions as the English speaking attendees.

4.  The Bridge® Language center on Colorado Blvd is a nationally accredited school in the Denver area providing corporate language training, and their proven communication-based methodology has students speaking the new language from day one.

5.  BridgeLanguages is a part of parent company, Bridge, which has been providing language services for over 25 years, including corporate language training in Denver and South America, TEFL teacher certification, language and university study abroad programs, and virtual language courses. Bridge’s network helps make BridgeLanguages THE language expert.