Q & A – How do I register for E-Verify?

Q: How do I register for E-Verify?

A: Before you can start using E-Verify, you must enroll in the program.  When you enroll, you will be asked to provide basic contact information and agree to follow the program’s rules.  At the end of the enrollment process, you will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that provides the terms of agreement between you, the SSA, and the DHS.  In addition to other conditions, employers who sign the MOU indicate that E-Verify will not be used on employees hired before the MOU was signed (unless the E-Verify user is a registered federal contractor), it will not be used to pre-screen applicants, and it will be used on all new hires.  Because the MOU requires employers to surrender certain rights and may expose them to greater immigration enforcement scrutiny, it is a good idea to check with our immigration attorneys before completing the registration process.