MSEC Employment Law Posters – FAQs

Poster Purchase/Update Service

What is the Update Service?  In addition to all-in-one employment law posters for any State and the Federal poster, MSEC offers its members an Update Service. The Update Service is like insurance for poster changes. It covers employers whenever a mandatory change to either the designated State or Federal poster occurs.  Whenever, and however many, mandatory changes occur to the state or the federal poster, the Update Service provides a revised, all-in-one poster to reflect the mandatory change. An Update Service covers “a set” or both the employer’s designated State and Federal poster. The Update Service covers the calendar year.

If I sign up for the Update Service, do I have to buy posters too? Yes.  An Update Service order does not result in a poster shipment. Rather, the Update Service compliments an employer’s current, up-to-date State and Federal posters to provide compliance security for the rest of the year. To start a new Update Service subscription, members must also purchase a current State and Federal poster to ensure compliance. Subsequent renewals of the Update Service do not require additional poster purchases.

Have there been any recent updates to the Arizona, Colorado or Federal posters?  The most recent change to the Colorado poster occurred in December 2012, when the Minimum Wage was raised to $7.78/hour resulting in Minimum Wage Order #29.  The most recent change to the Arizona poster occurred in October 2012 when the Minimum Wage was raised to $7.80/hour.
The most recent change to the Federal poster occurred in February 2013, based on amendments to the FMLA regulations.

I just bought posters last year. Do I have to buy them again? The most recent change to the Colorado poster occurred in December 2012.  The most recent change to the Arizona poster occurred in October 2012.  The most recent change to the Federal poster occurred in February 2013.  If you have not purchased posters since these changes, you will need to purchase new posters.  You can visit our website to see the most recent changes to other state posters (visit, click on Services, then click on Employment Law, and scroll to Posters at the bottom).

Do you have a list on line of the recent changes to all the State posters?  Yes.  Please visit, click on Services, then click on Employment Law, and scroll to Posters at the bottom.  If you have additional questions, or to order posters, please contact MSEC at 303-223-5343 or you may e-mail us at

I am signed up for the Update Service, but I have not received my updated posters, what do I do? Please contact MSEC at or 303-223-5343 within 30 days of receiving the Update Service e-mail to let us know that you did not receive your Update Service posters.  Within 30 days, MSEC can re-ship Update Service posters at no cost.

Do you offer posters electronically?  Yes.  MSEC offers Electronic Posters (E-Posters) with an Electronic Update Service.  E-Posters are a good fit for employers who employ telecommuters, remote workers, or who want to add posters to the wealth of information communicated via the organization’s intranet.  Importantly, E-Posters cannot substitute for physical posters.  The US Department of Labor informs us that physical posters are still required, even if a company typically uses an intranet to communicate with its employees.

How does the E-Update Service work?  When you sign up for the E-Posters Update Service, you receive an initial set of E-Posters in a pdf file via e-mail.  You will be notified via e-mail and receive a new pdf file when a mandatory change to either the designated State or Federal poster occurs throughout the remainder of the calendar year.  Please note: Only one state is covered per E-Poster set purchased. The price for the 2013 E-posters Update Service is $15. Multiple copies may be printed for use at the location for which it was originally purchased.  If you are interested in signing up for our 2013 E-Poster Update Service or have any questions, please contact Susan Harris at or 303-223-5343.

My company has telecommuters.  Do they have to have posters in their house?  No.  Telecommuters or Remote Workers do not have to post physical posters in their house.  However, the employees must have access to the laws of the state(s) in which they work (not the State they are paid from). Electronic posters are ideal for this situation.

What is the difference between a Mandatory Change and a non-Mandatory change in the Update Service context?  Whether a change to any aspect of a State or the Federal all-in-one employment law poster is considered “mandatory” depends on whether the publishing agency would deem an employer out of compliance in regards to its posting obligation if the employer does not post the most recent version (as opposed to the earlier version). The national vendor that supports MSEC’s Employment Law Posters service employs a research team to test changes to any posting requirements under this standard. A non-mandatory change, for example, might be an agency address change or identification of an elected official. Unscrupulous poster vendors that threaten fines for noncompliance do not provide employers this information

Do you offer posters for states other than Colorado?  Yes.  We offer posters for all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Do you offer posters in Spanish? We do offer Federal posters in Spanish, as well as most states.  The Update Service is not currently available in Spanish. The availability of Spanish language posters is dependent on the whether the publishing State agencies make Spanish versions available.

What size are your posters?
Currently, the Federal all-in-one poster is – 22”w x 28”.
The Colorado all-in-one poster is – 22”w x 28”.
The Arizona all-in-one poster is – 17”w x 24”.

Do you offer posters that are STATE/FEDERAL combined on one poster?  No.  The posters that we offer are State all-in-one combined posters and Federal all-in-one combined posters.  The State posters have all of the State requirements on one poster, and the Federal poster has all of the Federal requirements on one poster.

What if I need to cancel or modify an Update Service order?  MSEC can cancel an Update Service so the location will no longer receive posters due to a Mandatory change.  Unfortunately, MSEC is unable to refund an Update Service after it is established. This is because MSEC relies on a contractual relationship with a third-party, national vendor to make the Update Service available to MSEC members. MSEC could not offer posters for all fifty States at such low prices without that arrangement and the associated reduction in flexibility.

MSEC can modify the shipment address associated with an Update Service subscription in advance of an Update Service shipment. Please be sure to keep shipping addresses up to date with MSEC’s Employment Law Posters services as soon as the addresses or contacts change..

Can I return the posters I purchased?  Yes.  You can return posters that you purchased within 15 days.  Prior to returning your posters, please contact the Posters Team at 303-223-5343.  Please return the posters to:

Attn: Susan Harris
Mountain States Employers Council, Inc.
1799 Pennsylvania Street
Denver, CO  80203

Do you offer posters for Public Employers? We currently do not offer separate posters for Public Employers.  We do, however, have stickers for the poster that read, “This Employer Not Covered” for placement over sections of the State and Federal posters that are not applicable to public employers.  Please contact MSEC to request these stickers.  Please specify the number of MSEC posters for which you are requesting stickers.


What are your shipping rates? For CO or AZ posters (or any combination of AZ, CO and FED posters together), the shipping rate is $5.50 per 10 posters shipped to the same location.  For other State posters (or other State and Federal posters shipped together), the shipping rate is $9.00 per 6 posters shipped to the same location.

When will I receive my posters?  MSEC usually ships AZ/CO/FED posters within 2-3 business days of poster purchase orders.  You should receive them within 3-5 business days from the time you place your order.  Posters for other States usually ship within 3-5 business days.  You should receive them within 5-7 business days from the time you place your order.

When do Update Service poster shipments arrive following mandatory changes?  Update Service posters typically ship within the first two weeks of the month following any published mandatory change. Update Service shipments are mailed through the U.S. Postal Service at no shipping cost to the MSEC member, which takes approximately 7 to 10 days. Therefore, Update Service shipments usually arrive in the third week of the month after a mandatory change.

Why haven’t I received my posters yet?  If you placed your order to purchase posters more than 10 days ago and you have not yet received your posters, please contact MSEC at 303-223-5343 or

I received a tube of posters from GovDocs.  Is that the posters I ordered? Yes.  Posters sometimes ship directly from our vendor, which would have a return address of “GovDocs” on the tube (St. Paul, MN).

Do I have to provide a physical address when ordering posters? Yes.  Posters that are purchased (not Update Service shipments) are typically shipped via UPS.  UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box.

Can I provide a P.O. Box when ordering posters? Yes.  We ask that you provide a physical address, but you are welcome to provide a P.O. Box as well.  The posters are typically shipped via UPS (UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box), but occasionally the posters are shipped via US Mail.


Am I charged Tax on the posters and the Update Service?  What is the rate?  Yes, sales tax is charged on the posters and the Update Service.  The tax rate is based on where the posters are shipped to.  The combined tax rates are as follows:

Colorado: 2.9%
RTD (Denver Metro): 4.11%
Denver, CO (City and County): 7.73%
Arizona: 6.6%
Maricopa, AZ County: 7.3%
City of Scottsdale, AZ: 8.95%
Out-of-State: 0%

What if I am tax-exempt?  Please contact MSEC at or 303-223-5343 to notify us that you are tax exempt.  Please provide a copy of your Tax Exempt certificate.