Social Recruiting: Is It for You?

Is your organization using social media to leverage your recruiting efforts? If not, you might be behind the curve. A 2013 Jobvite survey found that 94 percent of recruiters “use or plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts.” To find the best candidates, organizations have to source from the best talent pools, and the best talent pools are often using social networks to shop for their next jobs. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are still top choices amongst recruiters, but more channels are surfacing, such as blogs, YouTube, and Instagram, to name a few.

Numbers don’t lie! Recruiters surveyed reported a reduction in time to hire of 33 percent with the quality of candidates at 49 percent and the quantity of candidates at 43 percent. If your organization is not getting similar results using traditional recruitment sources, it might be time to look at “social recruiting.” Competition for the best candidates will continue to be a challenge for most organizations moving forward, so it is important to be where your candidates are looking, or you might miss out.

It isn’t enough to advertise or post jobs on social networks. Organizations need to use these tools at every stage of recruitment. Use these networks to source candidates and contact them, to monitor potential candidates, to showcase your employer brand, and to generate referrals. The “best quality” candidates come from your organization’s network and employees’ networks. The survey shows the top three recruitment methods that generate the highest quality candidates are referrals at 64 percent, social networks at 59 percent, and corporate career sites at 59 percent. While job boards still generate many applicants, the survey shows that the applicants from job boards resulted in a significantly lower percentage of hires overall and those hired did not tend to stay with the organization more than three years.

What will your recruiting strategy look like in 2014 and will it or does it already include social recruiting?