Five Things You May Not Know About MCN Healthcare


1. How many years has MCN Healthcare been in business?
MCN Healthcare has been providing products and services to the healthcare industry for more than 26 years. They are known in the industry as the leading provider of regulatory compliance tools including an automated policy management system, policy templates, and an email notification system for changing regulations. Their products were developed specifically for the needs of healthcare professionals, by experienced healthcare professionals.

2. Does MCN have a product that can help me simplify my current document management process?
Of course! Policy Manager, their robust document control and workflow management software application, is the cornerstone of MCN’s accreditation compliance suite. Policy Manager helps simplify regulatory compliance by automating policy access, review, and approval throughout a healthcare organization. With their web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, Policy Manager minimizes IT costs and resource burdens.

3. Can you tell me more about MCN’s Policy Library customizable policy documents?
Sure! MCN’s Policy Library includes nearly 18,000 customizable policy, procedure, and forms templates authored by MCN clinical staff. Their MCN Policy Library documents are up-to-date, instantly downloadable, and ensure compliance with federal regulations and best practices for TJC, NIAHO, CMS, CDC, HIPPA, OSHA, FDA, and more.

4. Does MCN have any suggestions for how I can stay current with the frequent regulatory changes?
They do! With StayAlert! you will never miss an important regulatory update. Their experienced team monitors TJC, NIAHO, CMS, CDC, HIPAA, OSHA, FDA, and other federal regulatory bodies daily. As soon as changes are published, they not only immediately notify you – they interpret and summarize the changes and provide you with the best practice guidelines for implementing each change. No other healthcare organization provides such a comprehensive service. You can visit their website and sign up for a free 30-day StayAlert! trial.

5. Has MCN ever thought about expanding their product line into other marketplaces?
Yes, they have! They have successfully introduced Policy Manager via their newly created company 2compli, to serve institutions of higher education. Theystrive to make their customer’s work lives easier by assisting with document management needs in order to meet educational compliance standards through automating policy access, review, and approval.