Learn Positive Management Tactics, and Make the Difference at your Workplace

Do you have employees who are not engaged? How about an employee with a bad attitude? If you consider this an employee problem, you are missing the point, and an opportunity. These issues are management problems that should get your attention, followed by action.

We all know how easy it is to either ignore an unhappy employee or talk to that employee with the bad attitude – tomorrow. Every day we fail to face the issue, we hurt our high performing employees and risk bringing productivity and profitability down, instead of up. You and your managers can be those managers who lead a fully engaged workforce. All you need are the tools to help you do the job.

At MSEC, we have several classes that can help managers and supervisors gain the tools they need to confront employees who are not engaged, and who are discouraging other members of their team. Be an agent of change for a positive workforce.

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Cultivating Your Listening Skills

Developing and Maintaining Trust

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Leadership: Why Would Anyone Follow You

Collaboration Skills

Creating Effective Work Groups

Motivating Employees from the Inside Out

Managing from Your Strengths

Supervision: Core Competencies