What You See Is What You Get

​If health care reform has you looking for answers – remember, we are only a phone call away. Check out our Health Care Reform Learning Zone​.


If you are considering obtaining other HR or benefits assistance to help you with heath care reform, through a PEO or any other source, know these tips.


1. Carefully review the Client Services Agreement. Most PEOs require employer-clients to sign these agreements which define the relationship. Make sure that all service representations are clearly spelled out. If something is not there, do not expect it.


2. Read the fine print – PEOs often require employers to follow the Family and Medical Leave Act and Affirmative Action requirements, have a different Workers’ Compensation experience rating, and may require employers to assume liability for health care reform violations.


3. Look for the responsibilities and liabilities assumed by the work site employer. Many PEOs will have contract language indemnifying them or fully releasing them from liability for the work site employer’s actions.


4. Understand your financial obligations. Pricing can be confusing and is often different from one organization to another. Employer-clients should be clear about how much they will pay and what services that price pays for. PEOs may charge additional fees outside of the packaged pricing.


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