Advanced OD Program

Bridget Morris, Organizational Development and Learning

Experienced organizational development (OD) practitioners and HR managers who do a lot Rocksof OD interventions in the workplace can now look to MSEC for training. MSEC has a yearlong OD Certificate Program, and some of you reading this may have already graduated from it. In 2014, we are excited to offer the Advanced OD Program to provide the next step in advancing your skills and adding to your toolbox.

The Advanced OD Program builds on the foundational tools that many of us already practice to focus on specific niches and specialty areas. The program launches in April 2014 and continues through April 2015. The biggest difference between the Advanced OD Program and our OD Certificate Program is that the Advanced OD Program is a-la-carte. We have put together a menu of various topics and interventions to choose from based upon your interests. We understand that the OD/HR work world gets really busy—and being out of the office every month can be taxing. So, we think this alternate set up will really work with people’s schedules while advancing their careers in OD.

I wanted to tell you about a couple of the topics:

MBTI and Stress
Understanding colleagues and navigating the difficult waters of the workplace impacts not only the individual, but the entire working unit. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step-II (MBTI-II) provides a framework to assist individuals and organizations to understand reactions under stress and triggers which take us deeper within the layers of Type Theory.

This session builds your ability to recognize how you or someone else might behave when under stress, to help keep you from making matters worse, to respond in a constructive ways, and to avoid triggering your own defensive behavior.

The Art of Storytelling

Oral storytelling has a rich history in our culture as a way to store, retrieve, and convey information. We are shaped by the stories we hear as well as by the stories we tell. Within an organization a well-told story can help us learn, understand business processes, create and modify corporate culture, manage change, facilitate the transfer of knowledge, and help to develop, coach, and mentor others. This session focuses on fundamental story making and storytelling skills. Emphasis is on techniques and exercises that participants can use in their day-to-day work life.

Strategic storytelling can be used to teach, inspire, motivate, and help maintain relationships. Participants will learn how to engage an audience, gain their trust, and build rapport. The narrative is essential to our understanding of people and of events beyond mere fact, a key skill in one’s ability to lead and influence. Become a story practitioner who recognizes how stories shape us and who understands how to shape stories. As a result, you will be more effective in meetings, presentations, facilitations, and business interactions. Other classes of interest are The Matrix, Enneagram, and Conflict Coaching.

We have worked hard to offer a diverse program based on feedback from previous OD certificate attendees, and what we in the Organizational Development and Learning Department have noticed is helpful to organizations. We would love for you to join us. I am happy to talk moreto you about these programs. Email me at