Five Things You May Not Know About Almost Home, Inc.

  1. The goal of Almost Home, Inc. is to prevent homelessness and provide temporary, Logo1transitional, and permanently affordable housing for those who are in need of assistance.
  2. Last year, they provided services to 2,239 family members and individuals.
  3. Almost Home, also operates a family shelter, which can accommodate up to three families who stay for up to 45 days. They are currently doubling this shelter and on December 15, they will be able to accommodate six families.
  4. Almost Home opened in 1986 as a shelter that operated in the basement of St. Augustine’s Catholic Church. Every night, members from local churches brought food and volunteered for related duties.
  5. In 1992 the original shelter closed, and through community and church collaboration, a newly incorporated Almost Home, Inc. began operating in a small house owned by the Episcopal Church. Today, they operate out of a 4,300 square foot building.