Five Things You May Not Know About ITN Energy Systems

  1. ITN Energy ITN Energy Systems is a research and development company specializing in energy technologies that are good for the environment.
  2. Since its founding in 1995, ITN has created four spinoff companies to build and sell products based on technologies developed in the ITN research laboratories. These include satellite company MicroSat Systems, battery company Infinite Power Solutions, and photovoltaic manufacturers Global Solar and Ascent Solar Technologies.
  3. ITN spinoff companies have created over 500 jobs through the years, many of which are located in the Denver metro area.
  4. The ITN staff has abundant technical expertise. Almost 30% of the employees have their Ph.D., and almost 20% more have Masters degrees.
  5. Current ITN technologies include small high-energy batteries, water purification membranes, power storage for wind/solar applications, polarization detectors for medical diagnostics, and dynamic window films that can control light transmission for building energy efficiency (electrochromics.)