Five Tips to Help You Get The Most Out Of On-site Training

Evan Abbott 0191Evan Abbott, Director, Organizational Development and Learning

I don’t know about you, but for me, 2013 seems to be sprinting to a close!  This is usually the time of year where I wrap things up and get a bit of a head start on next year. Not this year.  As I have talked with a variety of our members, you all seem to be having much of the same experience!  It is nice to know that I am not alone.

In an effort to be helpful (I am nothing if not helpful) and help you get a head start on 2014, I’d like to give you a few tips.  Quite a few of you use MSEC as part of your training curriculum (thank you very much) by sending people to our classes and via our on-site offerings.  Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your next on-site with MSEC!

  1. Maximize your dollars – When it comes to on-sites “more” is definitely “less”!  The rate for most of our classes to be taught at your organization as an on-site is $1900 for the full day for up to 25 employees.  If you fill the class, that comes out to $76 per employee.  A half day is $1300.  That’s just $52 per employee.  On-sites are cost-effective ways to provide development to your workforce.
  2. Maximize your impact – On-sites are one opportunity where it is all about you – and how many of us don’t love that?  One advantage of having us bring training to you is that we can customize the content for your environment and your group.  Your instructor will work with you to identify opportunities to tailor the on-site to your specific needs.  Things always fit better when they are professionally tailored.
  3. Maximize your time – Investing in training for your company is like any other investment – it works better with a plan in place.  To make the most of the time you are investing in training make sure people know what is coming.  Communicate enough in advance to allow people to manage their schedules.  Encourage supervisors to actively “market” the training and discuss the objectives of the session.
  4. Maximize your learning – Any number of temptations exists in the office—especially during the holiday season.  When you bring a program on-site, see if you can minimize some of these temptations and distractions.  The blinking cell phone light, “I’ll just check my email for five minutes.” can minimize what people truly get out of the session.  Can you encourage a “cellphone/email free day”? Can you go off-site?  Did you know that along with the price of your on-site you could use our classrooms (space permitting) at any of our offices?
  5. Maximize your transfer – We love evaluation sheets that say people enjoyed the class.  Do you want to know what we love even more?  Hearing stories about how people applied what they learned back on the job . . . and we know you love that too.  For training to truly be worth the investment, it has to be transferred to the workplace.  Encourage participants’ supervisors to engage people in discussion about the class.  Do follow up “lunch and learn” sessions to review the content and discuss challenges.  The more you keep the training alive and relevant, the more people will apply it to their work.

Hopefully these tips help you truly maximize your training in the New Year. Call us at 800.884.1328 to schedule your on-site class today!