Q & A – How do I best write an accurate job description?

Q: How do I best write an accurate job description?

A: It is vital to gather accurate information. There are many sources of information, and two sources are critical.  Talking to the employee in the position to make certain the duties written in the description match the work actually performed is key.  Supervisors should also be included in the process of gathering information. It may be best to have the supervisor check any information the employee has provided to see if it is accurate.  Other tools may be helpful as well, such as a questionnaire or job analysis.

There are many tools and starting from scratch is not recommended.  Employers Council has resources to assist in developing a job description.  The job description should be brief and describe major duties.  It should indicate the knowledge, skill, and ability requirements of the position.  The function the position serves should also be clear.

Job analysis is a process of collecting, analyzing, and recording job activity in order to identify the components of a job.  Common methods used in job analysis include:

• Diaries/Logs
• Observation
• Interviews
• Questionnaires