MSEC Survey Resources to Utilize in the New Year

Special Studies – In addition to our surveys, we conduct customized special studies upon member request. These studies may involve wage rates for a previously un-surveyed position, a unique benefit, or an uncommon personnel practice or policy. You provide us with information you would like surveyed from competitors close by or across the country, we gather the information, and give you the results.

Survey Roundtables – We hold annual survey roundtables with HR professionals on selected surveys in order to keep MSEC community and industry-specific surveys up-to-date with the most relevant information.  These roundtables are also a great opportunity to network with your peers.

Custom Survey Analysis – Members may obtain a Customized Survey Analysis (CSA) from any of our compensation or benefit surveys. A CSA can be requested for any jobs or benefit questions by choosing at minimum of 10 participating organizations in the survey. This CSA allows an organization to compare their compensation and/or benefits against an aggregate data line of selected organizations of their choosing. This service is available to members upon request for a nominal fee.

If you want to find out how we can assist you, please call 800.884.1328 or email