75 Years Ago . . .

Deb Brackney 0073Deborah Dale Brackney, Vice President

Did you know 75 years ago, in 1939, that:

  • Colorado Baseball was played in Merchants Park located on South Broadway in Denver,
  • The median cost of a home in Arizona was $1,400.00,
  • Nine weekday departures left from Denver Municipal Airfield (all flights with free luggage),
  • Denver’s largest employer was Gates Rubber Company,
  • The population of Phoenix was 65,400,
  • Denver and Phoenix had streetcars with mass transit to all areas of each city, and
  • The Colorado Employers Council was formed?
The Colorado Employers Council started with 100 member organizations, in response to the National Labor Relations Act. Employers desired to join an organization that would help them with changing employee-relations issues, labor union contracts, and legal compliance.In 1947, MSEC first introduced surveys to its members. These wage and benefit surveys assist members in evaluating benefit and wage practices to attract the best employees. Currently, we produce nearly 45 different surveys, reflecting the diversity of our members.As MSEC celebrates 75 years, much has changed in employer/employee relationships. While there are fewer unionized employers now, federal and state laws such as the civil rights in the 60s, FMLA in the 90s, and health care reform today mean that members continue to rely on MSEC to help with the ramifications of such laws.As the workplace has changed, MSEC has kept up. Today when a member calls, professional staff can answer a variety of questions from how to communicate a request to cover tattoos to how to design a Total Compensation and Rewards philosophy. Members trust that MSEC will give practical and creative suggestions to the trickiest human relations scenarios.

Leadership has changed greatly in 75 years. From the industrial leadership practices of command and control to the knowledge worker’s desire for inclusive and collaborative leadership, MSEC has trained more than one quarter of a million employees to manage effectively. Whether the training is on developing a talent management system, preventing workplace harassment, or leading successful teams, MSEC has worked to develop organizational and Human Resource leadership.

In the 1990s, member needs evolved with more onsite support. The answer became an in-depth set of services including our Human Resources Professional Staffing Service that can go to members and serve as their Human Resources staff , Investigation Services offered by MSEC attorneys, and Leadership Academies that develop the organization’s next tier of leaders.

At the turn of this century, members requested MSEC locations outside of Denver. The first MSEC regional offi ce in Colorado Springs was opened in 2000. In 2006, we opened an office in Fort Collins, and, in 2009, we expanded into Arizona to serve members there.

What was a 100-member organization in 1939, has grown to an organization with over 3000 members strong. While member needs have changed over the past 75 years, our vision of successful, effective employers remains our vision. We look forward to our anniversary as a chance to say “thank you” for you membership.

We know that not all relationships last 75 years. We are proud of our members and know it is because of you that we can say “Happy 75th!”

For more information on our 75th anniversary, be sure and check out this page.