Why You Need to Have Good Supervisors

Lorrie RayS. Lorrie Ray, Membership Development ​

It is a well-known HR metric that when people leave an organization a significant percentage do not leave to get more money; instead they leave because they don’t like their boss.  If you want a story that illustrates this, read this article about why Jordan quit his job. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jordan-price/why-i-quit-my-job-at-apple_b_4769885.html

The article describes what every employer fears–going through the work to recruit and hire a good employee only to have that employee leave because he or she is unwilling or unable to work with the supervisor.

What can you do to make sure this won’t happen at your workplace?

  1. Welcome new employees properly.  When a new employee begins, show them your open door policy.  (If you don’t have an open door policy, create one right now.  We have sample language on our website).
  2. Make new friends. Encourage employees to talk to those in HR or others in leadership if they are having problems with their supervisor.
  3. Stay in touch. Have those in HR or leadership check in from time to time with the new employee to see how they like their job and if there is any room for improvement.
  4. Set high standards. Let supervisors know how you want them to act in your workplace and use performance measurements that encourage good management principles.
  5. Support supervisors to succeed. Train all supervisors, so they can manage performance properly and motivate employees to do their best work.  The MSEC Supervisory Certificate Program to gets supervisors the training they need.

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