What’s the Value of a Library in 2014?

James McDonough blog sizeLate Friday afternoon, Sally flew into the MSEC Library with a slightly glazed look in her eyes. Her company had just promoted her to a lead HR position. “Congrats!” I said. She responded “Thanks, I’m excited for the opportunity. But I have no HR experience!” This is an all too familiar scenario. HR duties are often assigned to employees with little training or experience. Sometimes they are thrown into the deep end with little more than file cabinets full of problems and no guidance.

Sally needed to hit the ground running, so she consulted with her member representative and signed up for classes at MSEC. She also needed clear, accurate, and reliable information about HR from top to bottom. Crossing her fingers and Googling would not cut it for this fledgling HR pro!

Sally came to the MSEC Library and together we rounded up a mini-collection of HR reading materials from the collection. She would dive into them over the weekend to prepare for Monday, Day 1 of her new role, in a cohesive, strategic manner. We also set a meeting for focused coaching on MSEC’s members-only website. Filled with useful online resources and tools, the website would guide Sally in administering the details of virtually every HR function.

More than just random articles to sift through from the web, the MSEC Library connects you with focused, quality information, in hard and soft copy. We increase your productivity by leveraging research skills honed by experience and creative approaches to previous projects. The Library provides exactly what you need, and sometimes what you didn’t know you needed! Check out the value we provide. Contact me at jmcdonough@msec.org for more information.