Hiring Plans and Practices for 2014

Sue Wolf, Surveys

In our 2013 Fall Planning Packet Survey, we asked employers in Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming about their staffing levels and hiring plans for 2013 and 2014. Fifty percent of Arizona employers, 38 percent of Colorado employers, and 35 percent of Wyoming employers reported they would create and hire for new positions in 2014. These figures are lower than previously projected. However, 50 percent of Arizona employers, 62 percent of Colorado employers, and 71 percent of Wyoming employers are also planning to fill current vacancies. These statistics foretell quite a bit of hiring in 2014!

What sort of recruiting sources are organizations using when hiring? Our 2013 Miscellaneous Benefits & Pay Practices Survey shows the three top recruiting methods used by Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming employers were the company website, job boards (e.g., Monster), and employee referrals. Organizations are no longer relying on traditional recruiting methods like newspaper ads, job fairs, or search firms to find today’s employees. Technology continues to change the way employers recruit!

What types of tests or practices are organizations using to screen job applicants? Our Miscellaneous Benefits & Pay Practices Survey showed that the most commonly used tests include: clerical ability, job specific skills tests, personality/behavioral tests, mechanical ability, management ability, work simulation tests, aptitude/cognitive assessment learning measures, and drug and alcohol testing. In the same survey, the majority of organizations reported that they outsource background checks as another level of applicant screening. Eight-three percent of Arizona employers, 80 percent of Colorado employers, and 78 percent of Wyoming employers outsource background checks.

MSEC offers comprehensive assistance in the hiring process. We can even provide HR Professional Staff to do the hiring for you. We also have a suite of pre-employment testing services such as skill-based tests, drug/ alcohol testing, and background screening to fit your organization’s needs.

Recruiting Sources Most “Often” Used



Source: MSEC 2013 Miscellaneous Benefits & Pay Practices Survey