Colorado May See Paid Sick Leave Bill This Session

With just 30 days left in Colorado’s legislative session, a group that advocates for women in low-paying jobs called 9 to 5 Colorado is encouraging the Legislature to propose a bill requiring paid sick leave for employees.  

The group is quick to point out that the bill would not be like the paid sick leave ballot initiative of 2011, which business groups strongly opposed and voters soundly defeated.  Instead, the group is proposing that a statewide insurance program be created to pay a portion of employees’ pay while they are out sick for their own illnesses or the illnesses of family members. Employers would not have to pay employees for the leave. The program would be funded by premiums assessed on all employees’ pay. California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island already have similar programs. Business groups oppose such a program for the burden it would impose on employers to grant and administer employees’ time off.  

It remains to be seen whether a bill will be proposed this late in the session. If proposed, legislators would have little time to debate and pass the bill.  We will update you on further developments.