What’s Happening in the City by the Bay?

484435_485620284838261_1377543704_nComplying with city ordinances recently became more burdensome for employers in San Francisco. The Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance went into effect on January 1, 2014. What is this ordinance all about? Here are the details.

What employers are covered?

The ordinance covers employers with 20 or more employees, even if they have only one employee working in San Francisco.

Which employees are eligible?

Employees who work in San Francisco, have been employed 6 months or more by their current employer, and regularly work at least 8 hours each week are eligible.

What does the ordinance provide to employees?

The ordinance allows employees to request in writing a flexible or predictable working arrangement to assist with the care of:

  • A child or children under age 18;
  • A person or persons with a serious health condition in a family relationship with the employee; or
  • A parent (age 65 or older) of the employee.

The ordinance also prohibits employers from taking adverse action against an employee based on caregiver status or their exercise of rights under the ordinance.

What is a “flexible working arrangement”?

A flexible working arrangement means a change in an employee’s terms and conditions of employment that provides flexibility to assist the employee with caregiving responsibilities. It may include, but is not limited to, a modified work schedule, change in work start and/or end time, part-time employment, job-sharing, work from home, telecommuting, reduction or change in work duties, or part-year employment.

What must an employer do upon receiving a request?

The employer must meet with the employee within 21 days of the request. The employer has another 21 days after the meeting to respond to the request in writing. If the employer denies the request, it must explain the “bona fide business reason” for the denial.

What are the notice requirements for this ordinance?

Employers must post a notice for employees. The notice is available here.