Music to My Ears (or Eyes)!

Evan AbbottEvan Abbott, Organizational Development and Learning

I have to share a recent survey result from the new Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index that is just music to my ears (or joy for my eyeballs, if you want to get technical about it).  According to the Index, two Colorado cities (Boulder and Fort Collins) ranked in the top 10 of cities where people regularly learn “new and interesting” things.   In their study, 300 adults in 189 metropolitan cities across the U.S. were asked by a pollster if they had learned anything new or interesting the day before the call.  The national average was 63.3 percent responding affirmatively.  Boulder, Colorado ranked second at 75.2% percent, and Fort Collins was seventh at 71.8 percent.

While the results intuitively make sense, both of those cities being home to Colorado’s two largest universities, it speaks well to the nature of the Colorado community as a place where we grow and learn.

So, why does this excite me?  Hello!  I’m a trainer and a teacher by trade!  And at Mountain States Employers Council, training is part of our mission to make effective successful employers.  The only way we grow and adapt to the changing workplace climate and workplace culture is by learning and engaging in new things.  Keep it up, Colorado!  Read a book, watch a how-to YouTube video, and maybe even attend an MSEC class!  Let’s make it a goal to dominate the 2014 Top 10!  A guy can dream, can’t he?