What Do Your Workers Want This Summer?

Lorrie RayAs summer quickly approaches, a new OfficeTeam survey sent out a survey to find out what summer benefits employees would prize the most:

  • Flexible schedules: 41 percent;
  • Leave early on Fridays: 28 percent;
  • Activities such as a company picnic or potluck: 11 percent;
  • More relaxed dress code: 5 percent;
  • Other: 7 percent; and
  • Don’t know/no answer: 9 percent

These results have remained constant and mirror a similar survey from 2009. The study also shows that the majority of HR managers responding said their company offers flexible schedules and allow folks to leave early on Fridays.

What is interesting about these benefits is that they are low-cost, popular methods to help employees feel appreciated. When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to remain with the employer, and we know experienced employees can improve our bottom line. If you want some extra help this summer, consider using MSEC’s HR Professional Staffing Service. Our HR professionals can fill in while your employees are on vacation, or if you need some extra assistance. Click here or call 800.884.1328 for more information.