Survey News: 2014 Colorado Benchmark Compensation Survey

Survey News

The 2014 Colorado Benchmark Compensation Survey incorporates the following Colorado areas – Front Range (Denver/Boulder, Northern Colorado, and Southern Colorado), Western Slope and Resort. Displayed in the report are individual data lines for each location including an All Front Range and Total Responses data line. Executive positions are also included in this survey. Data for 394 positions are displayed by manufacturing, non-manufacturing and government for each geographic location, when sufficient data were available. This survey gathered base wages effective March 1, 2014.

Geographic Comparison

Participation included 444 organizations – 257 in Denver/Boulder, 50 in Northern Colorado, 68 in Southern Colorado, 38 in the Western Slope area, and 31 in Resort areas.

In addition to the base salary reported for each of the 394 surveyed positions, data were also collected for:

Annual Incentive – Participants were asked to provide annual incentives for the past fiscal/calendar year. Data reported
are average incentives paid and number of employees receiving an incentive.

Target % Incentive – Participants were asked to provide targeted percentage figures for additional compensation, not
earned income for the current year.

Exemption Status – Participants were asked to identify their matched position as exempt or non-exempt.


Survey Data Online

Data are available in a PDF and spreadsheet format displaying each reported position by geographic region, employment size, and industry type. This combined report allows users to see all data breakouts in one document. A hard copy of the Colorado Benchmark Compensation Survey is available by geographic region. To request a copy, please contact the MSEC Surveys Department at 800.884.1328 or 303.303.223.5490 or by email at

Pay & Pay Structure Increase Projections Online

2014 pay and pay structure increases are available, as are 2015 projections. They can be accessed online on the surveys page through the MSEC website at The 2015 projections will also be updated in the 2014 Planning Packet Survey published in September.

Notice of Surveys: Summer is Industry Surveys Time!

Rural Electric Association (REA) – collects data for entry-level hiring rates, average cost of benefits, recruitment of new employees, SCADA, and bonuses/incentives information in addition to compensation information and benefits data.

Financial Services – collects information from banks, credit unions, and financial services organizations in Colorado and Wyoming. Information includes pay structure for work on Saturdays and temporary versus full-time teller rates as well as compensation for related jobs.

Casino – collects compensation and benefits data for Colorado casinos.

Biosciences (Pharma) Group – includes shift differentials and turnover data as well as wage and salary data.

Housing Authority/Property Management – collects the types of programs available and compensation information.

Health Care Compensation – Summer – collects separate compensation data for hospital and clinic or physician practices settings.