Survey News: 2014 Arizona and Wyoming Benchmark Compensation Surveys

Survey NewsBelieve it or not, it’s almost time to start the 2015 budget planning process! Part of this process includes determining pay increases for employees in the upcoming year. What are other employers budgeting for 2015 pay increases? Participate in the 2015 MSEC Planning Packet questionnaire to report your organization’s projected 2015 pay increases. Your organization should have received an email to participate in the survey in late July. If not, go to survey questionnaires at and select the Planning Packet questionnaire to download. Results of the survey will be available in late September.

2014 Arizona and Wyoming Benchmark Compensation Surveys are Available!

All data are extracted from the Benchmark Compensation Survey for Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming Employers.

The Arizona survey includes data from 39 organizations where data are displayed by geographic location (Metropolitan Phoenix, Tucson, Other Arizona, All Arizona, and All Colorado) for each job classification. The Wyoming survey includes data from 30 organizations, and displays data geographically as well (Casper, Cheyenne, Other Wyoming, All Wyoming, and All Colorado).

General Information – Includes data for average percentage increases in pay and pay ranges for 2013 and projections for 2014 and 2015. Also included are hiring rates for inexperienced, entry-level personnel and for temporary personnel. The average ratio of human resource employees to organization employment size is displayed along with the type of human resource service model used by organizations.

Summary of Surveyed Positions – The Denver/Boulder, Colorado extract of all surveyed positions in the 2014 MSEC Benchmark Compensation Survey are included in these reports. These data can be used to calculate average salaries in other Arizona and Wyoming cities using the cost-of-living and salary comparison data from the Economic Research Institute.

2014 Information Technology Survey: Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming

The 2014 Information Technology Survey is now available. This survey collected data from 345 organizations on 82 benchmark positions.

Data in this survey are reported by Information Technology Department Size and Regional Geographic Location. The 2014 survey incorporates Denver/Boulder, Northern Colorado, Southern Colorado, Colorado Western Slope, Colorado Resort areas, Wyoming, and Arizona. Displayed in the report are individual data lines for each location as well as an All Front Range, All Colorado, and Total Responses data line. This survey gathered base wages effective March 1, 2014.
Included in the Survey:

Annual Incentive – Participants were asked to provide annual incentives for the past fiscal/calendar year. Data reported are average incentives paid and number of employees receiving an incentive.

Target Percentage Increase – Participants were asked to provide targeted percentage figures for additional compensation, not earned income for the current year.

Exemption Status – Displays percentage of organizations reporting their matched position as exempt or non-exempt.

The General Information section of the report contains data for average pay increases in pay for 2013 and projections for 2014. Also displayed are miscellaneous compensation practices including 2013 separation rate, average length of time to fill IT positions, the amount paid for successful referrals, and the ratio of IT employees to users.

2014 Public Employers Compensation

The 2014 Public Employers Compensation Survey is now available on MSEC’s website. The 2014 edition of the survey contains two separate reports (Individual and Aggregate). The two reports were necessary in order for us to publish all of the data required from this survey out of our new survey system. 

The Public Employers Compensation Survey: Individual Organization Report contains data displayed by individual organization for City and County governments, Parks & Recreation Districts, and Fire Department/Districts only. In addition, this report includes the general information data such as pay practices for police and fire positions, as well as other position specific data.

The Public Employers Compensation Survey: Aggregate Report contains data displayed by aggregate results for City and County governments, Public and Private Utility, Parks & Recreation Districts, Fire Department/District and Other organizations.

This report does not contain general information data.

2014 Utilities Compensation for Public and Private Employers

The 2014 Utilities Compensation for Public and Private Employers Survey contains data extracted from the Public Employers Survey. This survey includes extracted data from 100 organizations for 76 benchmark positions. The compensation data are displayed by an aggregate data line for city, county, public utility, and private utility as well as by geographic location. Aggregate data lines are displayed when three or more participants reported a job match.