Harassment Continues as a Topic of Concern

Lorrie RayThe news that the National College Athletics Association (NCAA) developed a handbook for its Universities has been both eclipsed and underlined by the Ray Rice news story. Ray Rice is not alone in his behavior, and as college and professional football become more popular with women, poor behavior towards women and others is more likely to prompt outrage.

The NCAA handbook spells out the responsibilities in dealing with sexual assault and interpersonal violence.  Its purpose is to help athletic departments develop programs to educate athletes and staff members about sexual assault and interpersonal violence, as well as bystander intervention. The handbook is meant only to assist campus personnel, and includes no punitive measures.

How does this news impact employers?  It serves as a reminder for employers that sexual harassment is not acceptable, and employers are charged with stopping it in the workplace.  Those employers with clear policies on how to report harassment, along with a process for acting quickly and investigating harassment are creating a strong barrier against lawsuits.

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