Your Organization’s Career Website: A Branding Opportunity

Career WebsiteThe attributes of the employment relationship at your organization differentiate you as a place to work, given competing employment alternatives. This is known as your employment “brand”, and the goal of branding is to convince your target workforce that your employment offer best meets their interests and needs. One way to do this is through your career website.

Websites often focus on open jobs and employee benefits while an increasingly diverse workforce is focused on how the employment relationship will promote learning and development; connection, meaning, and purpose; and flexible and supportive work arrangements. Use your website to paint a compelling picture of a mutually beneficial relationship based on growth, impact, and common interests. Here are some suggestions:

Define the values and aspirations that drive your organization’s mission, culture, and way of doing business; highlight how these shape the employment experience and the opportunity to grow, contribute, and make a difference; and weave these into the “fabric” of your website.

Incorporate media “richness” to establish an emotional connection with applicants. Video messages from key leaders and employee testimonials can make your organization’s message real and compelling and help candidates assess their level of fit for the job and the organization. Consider using videos that speak to the organization’s social mission and the “feel” of working there.

Make sure that your website is easy to use, well-organized, and linked to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and You-Tube. An aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and energetic website will draw in candidates and leave a positive impression. The overall look and “feel” of your career website can be a representative expression of the values and aspirations that you are seeking to convey to like-minded job seekers. Your website can be a powerful tool in representing what your organization’s brand is about and what you have to offer job seekers in terms of careers and an engaging work experience.