HR by the Numbers

HR CloudIn our digital age, numbers drive decision-making at all levels. Think about how the number of Twitter followers or Facebook friends and “likes” can lend value to a company. Or someone’s career! Large numbers seem to have a magic that identifies and validates value. They suggest that if a mass of people like something, it must be good for almost everyone. Think of carnival rides or food trucks in your town; isn’t the one with the longest line the most appealing? The assumption is the folks in that line know something YOU don’t. Who wants to be left out of a good thing? A virtuous cycle is created whereby a crowd attracts ever more attention. Kick-starter campaigns benefit from this phenomenon.

The MSEC Library is taking advantage of numerical rankings and ratings of published works to identify promising new titles to add to our collection for members’ benefit. Our goal is to provide timely, useful resources that help drive business results, enhance professional development, and promote employment law compliance. Along with some internal quality reference checking and critical analysis, here are some recent titles added that were sourced in part by their reader ratings. All are available for members to check out. Next to each title is the Amazon five star rating scale and the number of reviewers (a larger number suggests a more reliable, valid pool of impartial readers).

The Only Negotiating Guide You’ll Ever Need:

HR numbers





What do you think of this methodology? Do large numbers have value, or are they the result of clever marketing and exemplify a lemming mentality? In this age of endless promotion and new marketing gimmicks, it is growing ever harder to distinguish between hype and reality. Check them out, decide for yourself, and let me know! I will factor your feedback into our new resource acquisitions. I welcome your calls or emails for help with using any of these or other MSEC Library resources.