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2014 Paid Time Off Survey Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming
Want to see how your organization’s paid time off benefits compare to other organizations? If so, MSEC is currently conducting the Paid Time Off Survey and we need your support!

In addition to vacation plans, this survey collects information on paid holidays, sick leave, personal time, and consolidated
annual leave plans. Also collected in this survey is information on bereavement leave, jury duty, military leave policies, and paid-time-off benefits for part-time employees. There is still time to participate! Deadline is November 7, 2014.

Invitations for online participation were sent via email to authorized individuals. If you would like to participate or have not received an email, please call the surveys department. A hard-copy questionnaire is also available on the website at under “Survey Questionnaires.”

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2014 Planning Packet (2015 Projections) Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming
2015 Pay projections are now available. This survey includes information on pay and pay structure projections for the
upcoming year. This information is displayed by Industry, Geographic, and Employment Size. Following are the projected
pay increases for 2015 by Geographic Region. A more detailed report can be found on the website at

2014 Health Care Compensation Survey
The 2014 Health Care Compensation Survey is now available. The survey features two sections, one for hospital and 24-hour operations featuring 251 positions as well as a Clinic section with 37 surveyed positions for a total of 288 positions. Out of the 251 jobs, there were three new positions and one position that had a job description change in this year’s survey. Hospital executive positions are also included in a separate appendix in this survey.

The survey includes wage data submitted by 42 hospitals and clinics located in Colorado and Wyoming. In addition to the Front Range, Colorado participation also includes the Western Slope and Mountain Resort areas. In addition to salary data, participants also reported percentage increases in pay and pay ranges for 2013 and projections for 2014 and 2015 for the following categories: Nurses, Managers/Supervisors, and All Other Employees. Wage and Supervisory/Management data are displayed by Geographic Location, All Colorado without Government and Clinics, and Net Operating Revenue (under $250,000,000 and $250,000,000 or more) when sufficient data are reported.

2014 Financial Industry Compensation Survey
This annual salary survey reports data for 76 positions in 35 financial institutions throughout Colorado and Wyoming. Data for surveyed jobs are displayed by geographic location and Bank/Credit Union. Participants with multiple locations reported institutions within the same geographic area under one questionnaire.

The General Information section includes percentage increases in pay and pay structures for 2013, 2014, and projections for 2015 for officers, non-officer management and nonexempt employees.