Sick of Your HRIS/Payroll Providers . . . There is Hope

PayrollAnyone who has worked in HR/Payroll for any amount of time knows the importance of a good HRIS/payroll system. When these systems are lacking or non-existent, problems can arise. In some cases, the problems created by an inadequate system are glaring, but in most cases, they build over time, until they manifest as a volcanic eruption of paperwork on the corner of your desk. As with most things, the first step is identifying the problem. If it is determined that your inadequate system is causing problems, don’t fret, you can do something about it.

With technology evolving and changing, there are more HRIS/Payroll solutions than ever before. The question is how do you get the conversation started? Before you dive into vendor meetings, you will need to do some internal information gathering. Make a list of what needs to change in a new system and what you would like to have changed. This will give you a good list of requirements to begin looking at your options.
Some things to consider are:

  • Automation of processes
  • Cloud-based storage, security, and mobility
  • Software integration
  • Growth potential within system
  • One solution for all of your HR and payroll needs

Once you have your list of requirements, prioritize between the items a new system must have versus the items that would be nice to have.

The next step will be to create a short list of vendors you would like to meet with. If a number of vendors can provide what you need (and want), do some research. Use your professional networks to ask others what systems they use. Ask them what they like about it and what they don’t. This input might be some of the most helpful you will get. When talking to vendors, make sure they give you a clear idea of the cost to fulfill your requirements. Ask about implementation fees and fees for custom reports. Ensure you get anything said during the sales process in writing and ask for a comprehensive demo. If possible, be sure all the key stakeholders are available to meet with potential vendors and see the software before making a final decision.

After deciding on your software, set-up the system and go through implementation. Take the time to make sure you set-up the system the way you want and need. Although implementations can be extremely time consuming, don’t skip steps here. It is much easier to correct things on the front end then it will be once you have already put data in the system. Run your parallels and validate all the data.

When you have implemented the system, train your staff and managers. This step is imperative! If employees don’t know what is expected of them or understand how to use the system, it will never function the way you have intended.

MSEC understands that moving to a new HRIS/Payroll vendor can be a daunting task and we are here to help. With MSEC’s partnership with Paylocity, we can help you move the eruption of paperwork that has landed on your desk. For more information, contact