Join MSEC in December 2014 and Receive HR in a Flash!

HR Flash.BlogHR in a Flash is a complimentary comprehensive, do-it-yourself audit of your organization’s HR functions.  Delivered to you on a flash drive, HR in a Flash also includes eight hours of consultation with an MSEC HR professional.

How does it work?

HR in a Flash will guide you cue by cue through each audit topic, as you review and record your organization’s current practices, policies and procedures in each area.

If you need more information, the MSEC icons throughout the modules will link you to, Toolkits, and other online resources.

As you explore each topic area you will generate a to-do list {perhaps noting directly on each Audit Topic page} that will help guide the implementation of best practices and improved processes.

Upon completion of all twenty areas you and your assigned HR professional will schedule a consultation to discuss your HR in a Flash results and generate an action plan.

Twenty Topic Areas Include:

Organizational Information

HR Responsibilities

Provisional Considerations

Reporting & Recordkeeping

Job Analysis & Descriptions

Recruiting & Application

Interviewing & Selection

Hiring & Onboarding

Personnel Files

Employee Handbook

Employee Relations

Employee Development

Performance Management

Pay Practices

Benefit Programs

Termination & Outplacement

HR Information System

Health & Safety

Workforce & Succession Planning

Organizational Culture

For more information contact Membership Development at 303.223.5479.