Q & A – What are common OSHA regulations that employers should be aware of?

Q: What are common OSHA regulations that employers should be aware of?

A: A written hazard communication plan is required for all employers whose employees work with hazardous chemicals at work, whether they are in the form of solid, liquid, or gas.  Common household products do not fall under the requirements, so long as they are used in the same manner as they would at home.  If, however, they are being used in large quantities or repeatedly, they may need to be included in a hazard communication plan.  The plan generally specifies the hazardous substances in the workplace and includes important safety information about those chemicals.

Those in the medical field need to be aware of the requirement to create a blood borne pathogen plan.  This plan should be designed to protect employees against blood borne pathogens which could cause harm.

Those in construction have many rules to follow and construction sites must be safe.  Regulations exist in the areas of fall protection, confined spaces, hand and power tools, lockout/tag out, and trenching are just a few. ​