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Survey News2015 Brings Exciting Changes to MSEC Surveys!

MSEC understands the importance of producing validated surveys employers can rely on when making business decisions. To ensure MSEC members receive accurate and timely survey data and in response to member feedback, the Surveys Department is making three very significant changes in 2015.

1. Revised 2015 Annual Survey Schedule:
MSEC members have asked and we are responding. Over the past several years, we have heard from many members who have requested compensation data from our benchmark compensation surveys earlier in the year than when we were publishing them. Therefore, we have revised our 2015 Annual Survey Schedule to achieve the goal of publishing benchmark compensation surveys in the first half of the year.

Mark your calendar with these important 2015 Core Survey dates!












 2. FREE Custom Survey Analysis (CSA) for MSEC Survey Participants:
In recent survey roundtables, members suggested that survey participants should receive an incentive in exchange for their participation in MSEC surveys. In response, MSEC will offer one complimentary CSA to organizations who submit questionnaires by the survey deadline. The CSAs will be available upon request after the survey has been published.

What is a CSA? A CSA allows an organization to compare its compensation and/or benefits against an aggregate data line of selected organizations of its choosing or by a specific survey demographic. A CSA can be requested for any or all jobs or benefits questions in the survey. We need a minimum of 10 participating organizations to run a CSA to protect the confidentiality of the participating organizations’ data.

This exclusive offer is available for surveys where we have sufficient sample to run a CSA. The surveys that typically fit this profile are the Colorado Benchmark Compensation, Public Employers Compensation, Health Care Summer Compensation, or one of our benefits surveys. However, if a specific industry survey has sufficient sample to run a CSA, those would also be included in this incentive program.

Don’t miss your opportunity to receive complimentary CSAs valued at $215 in return for your survey participation. Mark the 2015 core survey dates on your calendar now.

3. Special Study Fee
In 2015, MSEC will begin to charge a nominal fee of $215 for special studies. The parameters for the special studies will remain the same where we gather data for up to six questions sent to no more than 25 organizations. These studies may involve wage rates for a previously un-surveyed position, a unique benefit, or an uncommon personnel practice or policy. You provide us with information you would like surveyed from competitors close by or across the country, we gather the information, and deliver the results. The scope of the study could be greater than the parameters mentioned for an additional cost based on the requirements of the survey.

Members who participate in a survey by the deadline can request a special study in exchange for a CSA. Just call us to discuss your survey needs.

Help us to continue publishing the most reliable and trusted compensation and benefits surveys in the Rocky Mountain region by submitting your questionnaires on or before the posted deadline throughout 2015.

We thank you for your ongoing support of MSEC’s compensation and benefits surveys. If you have any questions for us or suggestions on how we can improve the survey experience, please contact us at 800.884.1328 or